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Do you sell crafts as a source of income? If so, you may be surprised to learn there are many free and low cost ways for you to market your craft business.. Here are some low cost craft marketing ideas that can help you market your craft business and sell more crafts:

1. If you sell a craft item that's wearable such as jewelry, make sure you are wearing a piece of your own work when you go out. You are one of your very best forms of advertisement. Have your business card ready to give to anyone who compliments your creation.

2. Always have plenty of business cards with you. Be prepared to give them out everywhere you go. Think out of the box! Give one to your hairdresser, seamstress, shoe repair lady, the waitresses at your local restaurants, and your child’s teacher. If you do this consistently, you’ll sell more crafts.

3. Make an attractive flyer on your home computer advertising your craft business. Show it to you family and friends to see if it captures their interest. If it passes their test, post your flyers on library bulletin boards, grocery store boards, school bulletin boards, college boards and any other appropriate bulletin boards you can find. Make sure your website address and email are prominently displayed on your flyer.

4. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, local and national craft organizations, and specialty craft organizations relevant to the craft that you do. If you don't have a specialty craft organization in your area, consider starting one. When you attend meetings, be sure to take along plenty of business cards.

5. Become a publicity hound. Send press releases to local newspapers as well as specialty publications read by people who appreciate fine arts and crafts. Let them know what is special about your craft business. Free publicity can bring in a ton of new customers for your craft business.

6. Co-market with a crafter who produces a line of craft that compliments your own. Consider producing joint advertising or sponsoring a show featuring both of your craft items. You might want to consider opening up the show to other crafters to generate more publicity as well as reduce your overall costs.

7. Donate one of your craft pieces to a local charity auction. This is a tried and true method for generating interest and marketing crafts. It can bring a great deal of positive publicity for your craft business.

8. Offer friends and family an incentive for marketing your crafts. You might offer them free items or give them a small percentage of each sale they generate through their own efforts.

9. Consider writing articles about your crafts and how you make them. Craft "how-to" articles and patterns are very much in demand. You can include a link to you website at the end of each article.

10. Enter (and try to win) relevant craft design contests. This is sure to bring interest and publicity and will add credibility to your creative efforts.

11. Make sure you're listed in any relevant craft directories that relate to the craft you market. This is a great way to network and market crafts.

12. Consider teaching your craft to others. Senior citizen centers, craft stores, and schools are always looking for craft instructors. You'll become known as an expert in your craft which will draw attention to your craft business.

As you can see, craft marketing doesn't necessarily require a lot of money. Try these free and low cost marketing tips and watch your craft business soar!

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