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Does size really matter?

Playbook v ipad 2

Does size matter? We are talking tablets here ;) A little late in the day but here's our comparison on the latest tablet titans to come on to the market.

The ipad 2 first made an appearance into the U.K. shops in March 2011, three months prior to the Blackberry Playbook design. BlackBerry having a 7 inch tablet is more portable than the 9.7 inch iPad 2.

 If you prefer to have a tablet that can be placed into your clutch, get the PlayBook. If you do not mind inserting it into your handbag, take a look at the iPad 2. The screen resolutions are pretty much the same as both can show up to 1024 pixels. BlackBerry’s PlayBook is lighter (14.4oz) than the iPad 2 (21.3oz) though Apple’s tablet is thinner. Memory When it comes to RAM there isn't really any contest; Blackberry Playbook is the clear winner with its 1 GB of RAM a little less than half of Apple’s 512 MB. Internal memory for these two tablets are similar in scope - iPad can be had for 16, 32 and 64 GB while PlayBook also offers the same options as the iPad,> although there is a smaller version in 8 GB memory Camera Apple have included a couple of cameras for the iPad 2 yet BlackBerry PlayBook again has them cornered in this category. RIM features a 5 megapixel back camera and a 3 megapixel front camera, both of which can shoot HD video (up to 1080p for the back). Apple, meanwhile, has its rear camera capable of recording up to 720p video while the front camera is just VGA. Apps Apple is definitely the clear cut winner here as they have the largest store, featuring hundred thousand of apps. In time though, BlackBerry might get a little more share as soon as the Android Apps become available on the PlayBook. Others Battery life has a slight edge for BlackBerry people, but they will have to wait a couple of months for the Native Email feature which is already available for iPad. This is the big draw back we find with the Playbook but hopefully it can be resolved in the not too distant future. Flash Support is present on the PlayBook as well, while iPad still blacklist Flash on their device.? ? In summary, both tablets are a gift from above and will most likely come down to your own preference. Will it come down to size? Does size really matter ?

???????How about you, if your thinking of buying a tablet, what will you buy, Apple’s iPad or BlackBerry’s PlayBook?

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